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Our Mission

The Forrest City Area Humane Society needs your help and support in order to keep growing and improving our facilities to create the best environment for the dogs we care for. It is our goal to shelter, protect, and defend the animals under our care. We will continue to educate the public about proper pet care and to raise funds to support the programs that make this possible. Become a part of this network and help ensure that as many dogs as possible are adopted into loving, forever homes.



Please come by the shelter, call 633-7036
Send an email through Petfinder to adopt or foster a homeless dog!

Unchain Your Dog!

Pawprint Life on a chain Is a Sentence without Parole! Have a heart! Find another way to keep your dog safe at home. Read 21 Ways to Help Chained Dogs!

Something You Should Know!

Pawprint It is ILLEGAL to abandon an animal. Dropping off a dog at the shelter after hours IS abandonment. Don't break the law! If you have puppies that need homes find good homes for them. If you can no longer take care of your pet find someone who wants him and can give him a good home. When a pet is dropped off at the shelter he not only loses his home & family, he loses his name and all of his records.

Report Abuse & Neglect Before It's Too Late!

Pawprint Animal cruelty is not only wrong—it is against the law!

PHOENIX: Victim of Animal Abuse


Blue Line 

To report abuse:

Call the Forrest City Police Department - 870-633-3434

We need supplies!

pawprint Please check our Arrow Wish List! This list is updated as the need for specific items changes. Many supplies are needed to care for the animals! Some items are urgently needed. The members and volunteers work very hard to make sure that each animal has water, food, exercise, and the attention that they require but supplies run low very quickly. You may find that many of the items on our list are tucked away in your storage rooms or pushed into the back of your closets. As you begin to do your spring cleaning please remember the animals!

We need volunteers!

Pawprint We need volunteers to help care for and socialize the puppies and adult dogs at the shelter. Each animal benefits from a little extra time with a volunteer who can remove the dog from his pen to be groomed, take a walk, play with a ball, or to just enjoy being petted. All dogs love attention and the dogs at the shelter respond positively to love and care.

We need foster homes!

Pawprint Not every dog can be placed at the shelter. Many times it’s a case of just not having enough room to accommodate them all. The gift of time and love is immeasurable to animal that needs a caregiver until he finds his forever home. Puppies and adult dogs are available for the in-home Foster Program. Save a Life! Just fill out our Foster Application and call the shelter!

Link Arrow Foster Application Form (PDF)

We need your financial support!

pawprint Donations to the FCAHS are tax deductible and enable us to continue with programs that help provide medicines, vaccinations, vet care, spay/neutering, food, improvements to the shelter, education and special circumstances. Donations are one way that busy people can make a difference to the lives of the animals under our care.

We need your help with special events!

pawprint From time to time the FCAHS holds special adopt-a-thons that help spotlight highly adoptable animals. We do this at various locations around Forrest City and we need help with animal transport, set up, maintenance care and adoption paperwork and interviews. Many animals have been adopted into their forever homes this way. Won’t you help?



Arrow Driving Directions to the Shelter (opens new window)

P.O. Box 2091

2890 Mallory Road
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036 (Please leave a message)
Fax: 870-633-6453