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About the FCAHS

The Forrest City Area Humane Society is made up of volunteers.
We have no paid employees.

We encourage the formation of sister organizations in the surrounding counties; we acknowledge our sister organization in Cross County. We are happy to work with other groups and with local law enforcement in the surrounding counties in so far as we are able to do so.

We are a diverse group of people who have the common goal of educating the community through working with others in the area to promote responsible pet ownership. We strive to care for unwanted animals and to place them in good, permanent homes. It is our goal to investigate and prosecute animal abuse in this community.


Organization 2013

President: Janie Hicks

Vice-President: Ruth Ann Vowan

Treasurer: Gay Schwartz

Recording Secretary: Gay Schwartz

Corresponding Secretary: Mary Loeb

Abuse/Neglect Case Manager: Susan Wooten

Behavioral & Training Manager: Janie Hicks

Adoption Manager: Ruth Ann Vowan and Maura Lawrence

Spay & Neuter Grant Manager: Gail Carey

Adopt/Transport: Co-Managers Ruth Ann Vowan and Maura Lawrence

Adopt/Transport Team: Mary Clark, Denny Edwards, Jennifer White, and
Beth Vaccaro

Spokesperson: Janie Hicks

Fundraising & Events: Beth Vaccaro and Dan Sharon

Publicity: Ruth Ann Vowan

Pet Health Care: Jennifer White

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 FCAHS Forms (Password Required)


P.O. Box 2091

2890 Mallory Road
Forrest City, AR 72335

Phone 870-633-7036
(Please leave a message)
Fax: 870-633-6453