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Abuse & Neglect

What to do ...

In the City Limits call in your report to the Police Department.


In the County, call in your report to the Sheriff's Office.


Pit Bull

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing."

~ Albert Einstein

Arkansas Law

(Taken from Act 33)

4 5-62-103. Offense of cruelty to animals.
5 (a) A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals if he or she
6 knowingly:
7 (1) Subjects any animal to cruel mistreatment;
8 (2) Kills or injures any animal owned by another person without
9 legal privilege or consent of the owner;
10 (3) Abandons an animal at a location without providing for the
11 animal's continued care;
12 (4) Fails to supply an animal in his or her custody with a
13 sufficient quantity of wholesome food and water;
14 (5) Fails to provide an animal in his or her custody with
15 adequate shelter that is consistent with the breed, species, and type of
16 animal; or
17 (6) Carries or causes to be carried in or upon any motorized
18 vehicle or boat an animal in a cruel or inhumane manner.
19 (b) For purposes of this section, each alleged act of the offense of
20 cruelty to animals committed against more than one (1) animal may constitute
21 a separate offense.
22 (c) Any person who pleads guilty or nolo contendere to or is found
23 guilty of cruelty to animals is guilty of an unclassified misdemeanor and
24 shall be:
25 (1) Fined no less than one hundred fifty dollars ($150) and no
26 more than one thousand dollars ($1,000);
27 (2) Either:
28 (A) Imprisoned for no less than one (1) day and no more
29 than one (1) year in jail; or
30 (B) Ordered to complete community service; and
31 (3)(A) Both:
32 (i) Ordered to complete a psychiatric or
33 psychological evaluation; and
34 (ii) If determined appropriate, psychiatric or
35 psychological counseling or treatment for a length of time prescribed by the
36 court.


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