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Potential adoptors may download, fill out, save and email the adoption form by clicking the link below. Use the TAB key to toggle through the interactive fields (beginning with the name of the dog) and type in your information. Please read ALL information and fill out ALL applicable interactive fields before saving. Signatures will be added when the adoption is completed.

Click to download FCAHS Adoption Form

Email Completed Form to:


Print the form, fill it out and sign it and fax it to:

FCAHS retains the right to refuse any adoption.

Adopters must....

  • complete our Adoption Form
  • provide adequate food, water, shelter, and care at all times
  • provide veterinary care as necessary to prevent and cure illness
  • obey local and state laws regarding rabies vaccination and animal control
  • agree to spay/neuter the pet and to provide proof of sterilization
  • not sell, give away, or abandon the pet
  • return the pet to FCAHS if not able to care for it

Policy for adopting Pit Bull or “bully” breeds:

1. Fill out an application
2. Leave Vet reference with the shelter
3. Make an appointment with FCAHS for home visit
4. If approved you must pay adoption fee before dog is sterilized.
5. FCAHS will have dog sterilized by Vet
6. You will be responsible for all shots and other medical care.
7. The FCAHS will notify you when you can pick up your new dog.

This ensures these wonderful dogs are not misused. We appreciate your patience during this process.


The adoption fee is $75 which covers spay/neuter & vetting for the adopted pet..

Driving Directions to the Shelter (opens new window)


Why Adopt an Older Dog?

We’re usually housetrained! You won’t have to go through all of that “puppy stuff” that includes messy newspapers and puddles on the floor!

We are through with the “teething phase” that is so hard on expensive shoes, couches and small children!

We can focus well on obedience because we’re at that mellow stage in life!

We know what “no” means. If we hadn’t learned it by now, we probably wouldn’t have made it this far!

Older dogs settle in more easily than puppies. We don’t do all of that whining and squeaking in the middle of the night!

We’re instant companions! We are ready for hiking, car rides and trips when you are! We know how to pack light!

We know. We’re grateful for this second chance we’ve been given and we’ll show you with lots of love and affection.

You know what you’re getting. You never know what a puppy will look like. We’re already grown up so what you see is what you get!

We give you time to yourself. We won’t make the same kind of demands on your time that the youngsters will.

We actually let you get a good night’s sleep! We’re used to human schedules and generally don’t need nighttime attention!

P.O. Box 2091
2890 Mallory Road
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
(Please leave a message)
Fax: 870-633-6453