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Buddy's Story

Ed and I adopted a rescue dog last week.

BuddyI really missed having a dog since we lost Tonto in April. I searched on the internet on a website called and found some photos of this dog. I called and he was still available. So we drove to the humane shelter in Forrest City, AR to see him.

So far, we have not actually named him, but at this point, it looks like his name may be Buddy. We were trying to wait and give him a name that 'fits his personality'.

I took him to our vet for shots and check-up. The vet told me based on his teeth that he is about 10 months old, but has no clue as to what breed. He is definitely a mixed breed. He currently weighs 24 pounds and probably won't get much bigger. His hair is real soft and maybe an inch or so long. He is real sweet and seems pretty smart. He doesn't want us out of his sight. He wants to be right next to one of us all of the time. He likes to just lay on the floor next to me while I'm sitting here on my computer. We are working on housebreaking him, teaching him what 'no' and 'down' means.

Buddy At Home

Hi to everyone at Forrest City Area Humane Society,

I just wanted to forward you an email (with photos) that I sent to a few of our friends and family to tell them about our recent adoption. His name was Barkley on your records, but we are probably going to call him Buddy.

When I took him to our vet, he found him to be in good health, but did have round & hook worms. He tested negative for heartworms. The vet gave him all of his vaccinations. We will make an appointment to have him neutered soon.

We were very impressed with your facility there. It was clean and no strong odors. The ladies that work there were so nice! Thank you all so much for making our visit a pleasant one and for all of the work you all do to make it that way.

~ Jeannine & Ed Umstot



P.O. Box 2091
1058 SFC 200
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
(Please leave a message)