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Doodle's Story

Doodle & FriendI just wanted to let you know how happy we are that you chose our family to be Doodle's forever home. He is the sweetest BIG boy we have met. He has definitely come out of his shell and has taken all of our hearts in a BIG way.

My 6 year old loves him SO much. Most of the time they just lounge on the couch together or play chase in the backyard.

We took the kids to the lake the other day and brought Doodle with us and he LOVED it, of course he was very nervous at first but he came around quickly and it took all I had to keep him out of the freezing water!! LOL.

Anyways thanks again for our newest family member we couldn't be more happy with your organization, you guys do a great job for your animals!! Keep up the GREAT work!

P.S. I do have to tell him to calm down sometimes! He is so happy here and he absolutely loves to play with my other puppies!! They all sit around and chew on each others long hair! It's the cutest thing I have ever seen! We are all truly best friends for life!

Thank you so much!
The Wilbanks Family

Doodle at home

Puppy Love!

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