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Education & Tips

Know the Laws

Click to read the Arkansas State Animal Cruelty Law - Act 33 PDF

Click to read the United States Laws

Dear Mom, I found this big fluffy thing and well . . . . . .

Don't Let Your Pet Drive You Crazy!

The following articles are a work in progress, so if you don't find the answer to your question about training check back later or email Jean Guarr - - and request an article specific to your needs. We will do our best to post her training tips as soon as possible.

The Dog Housetraining Method That Really Works
When Chewing Is a Problem

Bark - No Bark
The Dog That Won't Move
Paws On The Floor

Teeth! Mouthing in Dogs
Dogs That Bite
It's Magic!

Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Walking Your Dog on a Leash

Nothing In Life Is Free

The Following Articles are written by
Donna Malone
(PDF Requires Acrobat Reader)

Interdog Aggression and Pack Order Problems
Small Dog Syndrome


Don't forget the CATS!

Link Arrow Feral Cats: Frequently Asked Questions




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