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Gandy's Story

Gandy & JoJo

I adopted Gandy from the FCAHS in May of 2004. I saw his picture on the Internet and I just had to go see him. He was so sweet and gentle. I couldn't wait to take him home. Gandy and I connected right away. He follows me everywhere. When I take a bath, he lays outside the door and waits for me.

The FCAHS invited us to their dog obedience class. It really helped me to understand how to communicate with him what I want. It was great to have someone to go to with questions or concerns. They were so caring and helpful!

Things went so well with Gandy that we decided to adopt another dog. This time I called the FCAHS and they showed me JoJo. He was meant to come home with us! JoJo is a little guy, he is about 7 lbs, and Gandy is over 70lbs! They don't notice the size difference. They are the best of friends.

My family and I have been so blessed by these great dogs. We wanted to help more animals in need of good homes. We began fostering dogs for the FCAHS this year. It really helps the dogs and their future owners because the dogs get used to living with 6 children and 2 other dogs when they are with us! If they can behave at our house, they can behave anywhere! So far we have fostered one puppy, and she has just been adopted by a wonderful family.

I definitely recommend that everyone adopt a dog! If you want to do more there is always a need for volunteers at the FCAHS! It is very rewarding. You get so much more out of it than you put in!

- Brook Goodbar

P.O. Box 2091
1058 SFC 200
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
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