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Happy's Story


Happy was in the care of the Humane Society and, at 6 months, was probably close to the end of her puppy life if she did not soon find a home. When she adopted me in 1999 she had spent her entire life in a cage. The day I brought her home she stood very still for a long time just looking around at her new large yard. Then suddenly she began to run across the grass, leaping and even falling in her excitement. I think she was amazed that she was free at last.

My HappyDog & Me

As I sat on my back steps watching her explore her new world I thought how happy she looked playing there and how happy I was that she had chosen to share her life with me. All pets will, if you give them the chance, name themselves . On that cold day in February she named herself "Happy" and took over my heart.

A Big Hug from Kaylie

When my first grandchild was born Happy accepted her immediately into the family, enduring tight hugs and ear pulls without complaint. I never had to worry about Kaylie when she was with Happy. Theirs was a true friendship from the beginning. As one of my friends said, "Happy has a gentle soul."

When you think about getting a pet, don't forget those wonderful animals like Happy out there that have so much to offer. Make yourself happy, visit our shelter and find out if one of the animals there chooses you the way Happy chose me!

"May God grant you always...A sunbeam to warm you, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you..."


~ Kidney disease took Happy's gentle life October 7, 2006 ~

The FCAHS website has been donated in memory of Happy

Happy's Heart
- Jessie Uptigrove -


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