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Paws On The Floor

By Jean Guarr

dogFor jumping, the trick is to ignore him when he jumps and pet him when he doesn't. This will need the cooperation of everyone who is around him. No one should ever pet him, touch him, speak to him, or even look straight at him unless all 4 paws are on the floor. I know some people advocate the knee-to-the-chest or the step-on-the-paws approach, but those people's dogs are mostly still jumping. After all, dogs jump for attention. Don't give it.

If it's a big dog or a small person, the person may have to brace him- or herself against a wall or a tree or something; but then it's hands on shoulders, eyes looking up, no sounds.

There is a thing called an Extinction Burst, when the behavior gets worse just before it stops. It happens less than half the time with jumping, but it happens more with jumping than with any other behavior; so it's good to know what's going on if it does happen. Just remember to get down there and pet your dog when the feet are on the floor; he'll start to jump, you'll do the hands-on-shoulders-look-up-no-sound, he'll get down, you'll pet, etc. You'll feel like one of those toy birds that tips over then bounces back upright, but it will work.


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