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Begin Your Search

Call Animal Control via the Police Station - 870-633-3434 or come by the shelter to see if your pet might have been picked up by Animal Control. Dogs are kept for just 5 days - so call immediately!

Call the Times Herald and ask them to run an ad in the Lost and Found section of the classifieds. The ad is free and they do a great job & are super supporters of the FCAHS.

Call KXJK/KBFC 633-1253 in the early morning and have the lost animal put on the Swap Shop show. It’s free and they are very helpful.

Call both area vets - Rountree Animal Clinic 633-4466 and Gehring Animal Clinic-633-5931. Many animals have been identified by the vet techs for us over the years.

Put up Posters - For a few pennies and with a little legwork posters put up in high traffic areas really help find lost pets. Ask to put up a poster at the shelter too so AC can be on the lookout for your lost pet.

The Next Steps

Talk to your neighbors. If your pet went missing from your house or yard, the place to begin your search is in your immediate neighborhood. If you live near a busy street check there first - assure yourself that your pet has not wandered into traffic and been injured or worse. Walk around the area surrounding your home and talk to your neighbors - the mailman - children playing outside - construction workers, these people notice things like loose dogs and dogs are often attracted by the sounds of children playing. If you have a recent picture take it with you on your search. Leave your phone number and a description of your pet.

Take your pet's favorite toy. Dogs and cats have hearing superior to ours and may be able to hear you from a great distance. If your pet has a favorite toy with a squeaker, bell, or any other noise maker, you can use it to your advantage. While you're calling out your pet's name, squeak or jingle the toy.

Pick a time when you know your neighborhood is quiet. Searching your neighborhood during quieter hours can be a great help in finding your pet. Call your pet's name and then listen for his familiar bark

Use your car. If your walk does not produce any information go back and get your car. Dogs recognize the sound of their master's car.

Send us a picture and description of your lost pet. We can list him/her on our Lost & Found page to help in your search.


P.O. Box 2091
2890 Mallory Road
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
(please leave a message)