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Mopsey's Story


Working at the college with Dr. Susan Tooms Wooten, I knew what a total dog-lover she was, so when I received a call from her about a mutt she was fostering, I took it very seriously. She said she had this adorable, well-behaved, house-broken small dog that she was fostering for the humane society and would I be willing to give her a try?

So this nasty, scrawny matted creature with a broken tail entered my life and stole my heart. I dubbed her “Mopsey” in just a day because she closely resembled a very well-used dust mop. She cleaned up “real good” and quickly settled in to her job of ruling the house and charming everyone who entered.


I have had Mopsey for 8 years and she, now quite fat and sassy, is the light of my life.

- Denny Edwards

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