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The Dog That Won't Move

By Jean Guarr

Sleeping Dog

For Move, when he's in the hall and blocking your way, say Move and - without picking your feet off the floor - slowly shuffle forward until you're bumping into him. Do this anytime he's in the hall. If he's being really stubborn, get a treat and throw it just past him. When he moves, remember to say Good Move and give him a treat.

Am I making it sound like you need to have treats on your person at all times? Good; I mean to. I have an old evening purse on a shoulder strap - it's lost most of its sequins but it's tiny, it has a nice plasticky lining, and it works great as a treat bag. Just keep it near the door. Take it off as you're leaving the house and put it on when you come in. If you're all out of old evening purses, a fanny pack is fine; but it'll work best if you wear it around your neck rather than your waist. After all, we want our dogs to watch our faces and not to be burrowing into our waists.


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