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Nothing in Life Is Free

by Jean Guarr

To have a well-behaved dog who loves you and thinks you're the greatest, follow the Nothing in Life Is Free formula. (It works with children too.)

You want to give your dog lots of petting and attention, good treats and toys, and an interesting life - and we want you to do that. The trick is to make sure your dog knows these good things are your gifts to him and not something that just happens.

Dog with boneAsk your dog to do something for you - like sit or shake - before giving meals, petting, or toys. Before you head out the door for a walk, ask him to sit - it's lots easier to get the leash on that way too. On the walk, just before you get to that bush or pole that you know he'll want to sniff, ask him to sit; then say "Let's go sniff" and lead him to it.

It's natural for us to love and respect people who provide us with the things we want, and in this way dogs are no different.



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