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"4 million dogs end up in shelters every year.
Less than half of them make it back out"


Policy for Posting Animals on the FCAHS Website

The purpose of pet listings on the FCAHS / Petfinder website is to find homes for homeless pets. Adoptable pets held in the Forrest City Animal Shelter and in FCAHS-approved foster homes shall be listed as soon as possible after they become available for adoption.

Pets not in the Forrest City Animal Shelter or in FCAHS-approved foster homes will also be posted under the following conditions:

  1. that the pet remains in the physical custody of the person who requests the posting;
  2. that FCAHS and FCAHS-approved foster pet parents assume no financial
    liability for the pet;
  3. that it be understood that neither FCAHS nor Petfinder can guarantee to find a suitable adopter or sponsor for the pet.

P.O. Box 2091
1058 SFC 200
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
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