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Pheebie's Story

PheebieMy wife and I were at movie gallery in Forrest City. The Humane Society had a few of the precious animals there for an adoption drive. We saw this small black furball and just fell in love. We took her home and named her Pheebie. She has since grown into a beautiful 50lb Shepard Mix. This was one of the best things we have ever done. She is one of the best fur children we have ever had. She is always waiting at the door and wagging her tail when you get home, no matter what kind of day you have, she is happy to see you. If we had not adopted her, we would have missed out on so many fun memories. We fish, swim, and grill together. I hit practice golf balls (foam) and watch her snatch them out of the air. She can chase down, jump and catch a frisbee that is thrown just about anywhere. She never hesitates to jump into the lake and find the nearest stick, bring it back to you and wait impatiently for you to throw it. We do everything together, and she has enough car riding hours with us to get her own drivers license. We love her as much as anyone in our family and would not change adopting her for anything

Pheebie & friend

Adopt and find the joy we have found.

- Bryan and Kara Southerland

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