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PHOENIX: Victim of Animal Abuse
Victim of Animal Abuse

June 9, 2011

Phoenix is a male terrier mix puppy approximately 9 months old. This poor little guy was found in a small town in Eastern Arkansas. He was chained outside in 95+ degree temperature without food, water or shelter. He was severely burned and dehydrated which undoubtably would have led to his death. An anonymous phone call resulted in his chance for survival. The cause of his horiffic burns are unknown. His survival instinct is incredible. Having had no access to water for days, after drinking, he would dig a hole, regurgitate some of the water and cover it with leaves as if he were hiding it for later.

Although the photos are graphic, we feel as if people need to see them in order to grasp the reality of what individuals are capable of doing in the mistreatment of animals.

After everything Phoenix has been through in his short time on this earth, he still loves humans and still wags his tail. He is improving daily and we pray that this will be a wake-up call for our community.

Phoenix is our hero.


Read Article Reprinted from Times-Herald, Forrest City, AR.
 "Colt Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charge" (PDF)

Read Article Reprinted from Advertiser, Forrest City, AR.
 "Up From the Ashes"  (PDF) 




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