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Phoenix: Updates

Below you will find links to photo slideshows of the progress Phoenix is making toward healing from his horrible and very painful wounds. The folks at the Vet's Clinic are doing a wonderful job with his treatment. His will to survive is so strong! We who witnessed him trying to bury water in an attempt to save it for later were amazed at his instinctive will to survive. Phoenix is worth saving! Please continue to help us make sure that he is not let down by humans again!

Many have expressed a wish to send donations, cards and care packages to Phoenix. Please see our HOME page for access to Paypal for donations - also see our contact information below.

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WARNING: Graphic Content

June 9: When We Found Him

June 10: The Healing Process Begins

June 11: More Alert Today

June 13: Discomfort Very Noticable Today

June 15: Feeling Frisky Today

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