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Pickles' Story

PicklesTwo weeks ago Saturday, my roommate Jerry decided he wanted a kitten and that we needed to stop by the local animal shelter. Me, being the animal loving, kind hearted invidual that I am, could not possibly have turned down this request. I did not expect the shelter to have any cats, much less kittens available. Normally they only have dogs. And I REALLY didn't expect them to have three of the cutest little gray kittens I have ever seen....only about 6 weeks old. One of them immediately took to Jerry, crawling all over his shoulders and purring and being so deceptively adorable, like kittens are prone to do. So after a serious discussion about adoption responsibilites and vet trips, we decided that this would be Jerry's new son. Actually, I think the kitten decided that for us, the way he was clinging on, but nonetheless....kitten baby came home with us that day. A trip to Walmart was made for all the food, litter, know how that goes.

Then there was the INTRODUCTION...letting my 2 babies meet their new step brother. Oscar, that's the 150 pound Great Dane (who by the way was adopted thorugh from Conway Great Dane Rescue), took a little convincing that this new fuzzy thing was not a stuffed toy to be tossed about. My Rat Terrier Maggie, also from petfinder, adopted from Independence County shelter in Batesville, seemed to understand right away this was something she was going to be able to chase around the house

Then the time came to give Kitten Baby a name. Jerry wanted to call him Bubba, but our friend Clarissa wanted to call him Blue because of his pretty color and blue eyes. Blue won out for a few days...that is until his Daddy Jerry suffered from a bit of identity crisis, being a man with a sweet little kitten and all....and decided to give him a more manly name. CATFISH. Not sure where it came from, but it stuck for about a week. "Here, Catfish, come here to Daddy...." can get old really fast.

Then, one night last week when Jerry was at work, I was sitting on the couch eating a pickle and Kitten Baby/Bubba/Blue/Catfish was curled up in my lap. He must've smelled the food, because he shot out from under the blanket like a rocket, mewing for a handout. I thought, surely this cat won't eat a pickle....but broke a small piece off just to see anyhow. He inhaled it like it was food from the Gods, all while begging for more.....and suddenly the name Pickles seemed very appropriate. After telling his Daddy Jerry about this revelation, we decided upon Mr.Pickles, even amid concern of confusing the poor kitten.

Two full weeks have now went by, and as I sit typing this very elaborate story, Mr.Pickles is curled up on my chest purring his little heart out. Oscar has now learned to play gentle with him, and only slobbers on him and rolls him around the floor, instead of trying to pick him up and carry him around. Mr.Pickles waits until Oscar is asleep and then pounces on his tail as his revenge. Maggie has taken to curling up with him for naps, and giving him a bath whenever she thinks he is too dirty for her taste. They play and chase each other up and down the hall. I honestly would not be surprised if the cat started barking soon, just like his big brother and sister. Stranger things have happened, right?

Ah... This Is The Life!

Many Happy Purrs, Mr. Pickles!


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