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September 10, 2007

A Tragic Story Never To Be Told

Pit Bull

Dumped like garbage behind a trash bin, his head and body scarred from fighting, his back legs broken and useless . . .

Pit Bull


My mouth is taped shut and feet tethered
I am forced to defend my life
against others of my kind. I cannot
I am thrown to the side,
bloody and at the brink of death

I am forced into bloody battles
as to why, I don't know
My opponent is undeserving of my fury
Humans applaud this violence
I'm scared, I'm confused, but I will obey
For I fear the wrath of the one who owns me.

I am kept staked and alone on a short chain
My collar digs into my flesh
No shelter from the harsh weather
My bowls remain empty
I am rarely visited
I'm shivering from the cold
I am in pain
I am hungry. I am lonely

I am kept with many animals
Some in hot cars with window barely open,
Some in barrels with no room.
Some in cages full of other animals
We live in our own waste
We are hurt and sick
Our lives, on a delicate balance between life and death

~ Lee Ann Duch


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