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Mollie's Story


I thought you might like an update on Scruffy -- who is now known as Mollie. Our trip home to Indianapolis with Mollie was amazing. She stayed on the floor at my feet all the way home, except to get out for a break!!!! Our vet checked her out and told us we certainly picked a good one.

She is quite the jumper and fast. I'm not kidding you, sometimes I think we should put a cape on her because she looks like she is flying!!!

She has gained 4 pounds, and as you can tell from the pictures is very healthy. We enrolled her in Bark Tudor a local dog training school, and she graduated from high school with straight A's, and from college with straight A's. She is very intelligent and follows every command -- sit, lie down, stop and wait, leave it (which means if I drop anything like food or a towel and I ask her to leave it, she backs off). When someone comes to our home, all I have to do to keep her from jumping on guests and barking barking at them, is to put down a little rug and ask her "to take her place". She lets me know when she has to go out, and does not go out the door until I give her the command to go. She is very social and loves playing with other dogs -- no matter their size!!!

We really adore and love her. AND, she makes us feel she loves us too.

Thanks again for listing her in Pet Finders. It was so nice meeting you. I'll keep you updated.


Jan Krukemeier
Indianapolis, Indiana

Mollie at Home

Just Look at Me Now! What a great life!


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