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Travis' Story

Travis, A Love Story

When I bought my first house after years of renting my best friend decided that I needed a dog. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I thought dogs take up a lot of time and tie you down at home. I had enjoyed my time with my friend’s cocker spaniel and my sister’s dogs, so I said I would look around for an appropriate canine roommate.

We went to the Memphis Humane Society just after Thanksgiving to look at the available dogs but found out that they didn’t adopt out dogs just before Christmas because some well intentioned people would pick a dog out as a gift for someone who really didn’t need or want to be a dog-friend. However, the shelter has a referral file for people to adopt from individuals. It was my lucky day, because only two of the dogs in the file looked to fit my size and age preferences.

We called and went to visit Travis at a home where he was living with a couple, their three kids, two cats and two other dogs. He had been rescued from the pound when they went to retrieve their wayward pup. Travis was shy but sweet.

I decided to check out the other dog in the file before I made my decision, but as fate would have it that dog had just found a new home. SO….Travis came home with me, and we began to get to know one another. I firmly believe that he knew he had been rescued and that I was in the relationship for the long haul.

Neither of us was perfect. I indulged him when I should have been stronger. He had the occasional accident on my carpet. I sometimes worked long hours, leaving him alone. He was terrified of storms. However, he was a great traveler, and we would visit my family and friends. Travis was neutered when I got him, and he never wanted to wander away from home.

Travis was approximately two and a half years old when he came to live with me in 1992. This spring of 2008 it was time to let him go. His health was failing and his arthritis was debilitating. Saying goodbye to my beloved companion was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. He gave me so much love and joy that I could never say thank you enough. I just hope I gave him the best life he could have had.

Even while still grieving over my loss I knew that I would not be dogless for long. I became involved with the Forrest City Area Humane Society where I met a sweet little mother dog with seven pups. When her pups were weaned I brought her home with me. She is still figuring out her boundaries, but seems quite pleased to be in my home with her new feline friends.

No dog will ever replace Travis, but adopting an adult dog has been a very positive thing in my experience. Adult dogs don’t necessarily have the “cute” factor of puppies, but they are past the chewing, hyper stage. That was important in my situation. I highly recommend considering why you want a dog and what kind of dog is best for you. Even the homeliest dog is beautiful inside. They just need someone to give them a little love for it to be seen.

~ In loving Memory of Travis ~

~ Ruth Ann Vowan


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