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The FCAHS has a great need for volunteers! There are so many things that a volunteer can do for the animals. They need to be bathed. walked, petted, socialized, and just plain loved! There are also lots of errands and other tasks that are needed.

Whether you would like to volunteer to work with the animals or to just help with the endless tasks that are always needed, your donation of time and talent will be appreciated by the FCAHS and by the four-footed animals that are in our care.

Save a Life! Foster a pet! Consider taking a shelter animal into your home to care for until it is adopted into a permanent home. Fill out the Foster Application Form below and send or bring it to the shelter. The FCAHS will pay for shots and other vet fees while the pet is in your care.

Arrow Foster Application Form (PDF)

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What You Can Do!

1. help with special events, ie planning, decorating, promoting, etc.
2. bathe dogs
3. walk and socialize dogs
4. donate items or money
5. foster dogs or cats until a placement can be made
6. donate special skills such as lawn seeding, advertising, etc.
7. help educate the public about responsible pet ownership


Thank you

So many people have helped! The FCAHS and your 4-pawed friends appreciate everything that the people of the Forrest City area have done for us!

  • All the individuals who have given and continue to give items from our wish list!
  • Those who have fostered pets in their homes!
  • Caring people who have come out to scratch ears, pat heads and play with the animals!
  • Security Door (Ann & Carl Dye) and Allen and Lauren Cohn for sponsoring newspaper adds for us!
  • St. Francis Community Foundation for spay/neuter grants!
  • The David Cohn Family Trust for grants.
  • Chez Weenie for sponsoring cookie sales, advertisement, and rummage sales! Arrow
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal Church for allowing us to meet in their parish hall for years and for their generous donations!
  • All American Car Wash owner Charlie White for supporting us with television advertisements and the use of a storage room!
  • Pedigree for their generous contribution! Arrow
  • James Little, Buddy Douglas and Spencer Loeb!
  • All those who have given donations to the FCAHS!
  • All of those who came out to help with the weekend Adopt-A-Thon!

P.O. Box 2091
1058 SFC 200
Forrest City, AR 72336

Phone 870-633-7036
(Please leave a message)